Our Ethos

Byfield is a friendly school where everybody is caring and welcoming.  We provide children with inspiring learning opportunities and ensure children are encouraged, supported and challenged so they develop a love of learning.  At Byfield we believe that every child is entitled to become a confident, independent, well-rounded individual who is equipped with all the skills to lead a successful and rewarding life. Children at Byfield are confident to face challenges, believe in themselves and are proud of their achievements.


Our Motto:

Inspire, Challenge, Succeed


About our Motto and Ethos:

Our Motto and Ethos was developed after asking every child, parent and member of staff to complete the same four sentences about our aspirations for Byfield School.  

Here is what we were told:

Everyone at Byfield Feels . . .

Children enjoy coming to Byfield because . . 

As well as knowledge, children also learn . . .

When children leave Byfield they are . . .