The Headteacher will be pleased to show prospective parents around the school.  Please make an appointment by phoning the school or calling in.

Admissions Policy, Byfield School 2020/2021

Stowe Valley Multi Academy Trust is the Admissions Authority for Byfield Primary School. Admissions for Byfield Primary School are administered by Northamptonshire County Council. 

The School’s admission policy is formed to a certain extent by the criteria adopted by Northamptonshire LEA as a whole.
Our standard number for new entrants is 15 this being the number judged by the LEA as being appropriate for the amount of classroom space the school has overall. This is reviewed regularly.  There is no priority given to applications from pupils enrolled at any particular schools or nurseries. 

Admission to Byfield School follows the procedure below:-

  • Children with EHC plan for Special Needs - if we can meet their requirement. 
  • Children in public care
  • The children living within the school’s catchment area, i.e. the village of Byfield.
  • Then to pupils who have older brother and sisters continuing at the school at the time of admission of the younger child.
  • Then to other pupils living, geographically, closest to the school.

If the number of children requesting a place at Byfield School exceeds 15 and your child is not offered a place you have the right to appeal.

Application forms and information can be obtained from the School in the September before the year of entry to the school. Applications forms should completed by January and you will receive confirmation of your child’s place in the May of the year they start school


For further information on Byfield Primary School admissions please visit:

For further information on appealing an admissions decision, including the timeline for any appeals to be made, please visit

The School’s admission policy is formed to a certain extent by the criteria adopted by Northamptonshire LEA as a whole.​

If you are applying for a school place for a child with special educational needs or disability and they have a Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan or a statement of special educational needs (SEN) there is a seperate process for your child's school admissions.  Please click on the website below for more infomation.


For Reception Class (FS2)

Parents of children who will be entering school for the first time (reception age children) need to complete an admission form stating their choices of school and are requested to send this to the Local Authority who allocates places for schools. This form is available online at and has to be completed at the latest by the middle of January in the year that the child is due to start school.

The school has a planned admission limit of fifteen children based on the physical space and teaching resources available. Children are allocated a school by the Local Authority admissions team.

Appeals can be made to the Local Authority, but admission depends on the number of places available.
On admission you will be asked to complete a form with details that will be kept on the school's computer. The information is confidential, being used for education purposes only, and will not be disclosed to anyone else. A regular check will be carried out to ensure this information is correct. Should there be any changes please notify us as soon as possible.