Free School Meal Eligibility

Registering for Free-School Meals

For families who are on low income, the Government gives their children’s school extra money and it also gives the children free school meals. This is called Pupil Premium money. This money makes a real difference to our school, and this money goes directly into improving the education to the pupil's it is allocated to.

Children in Reception, Year One and Year Two receive free school meals but this alone does not make the Government give us Pupil Premium money. For this to be paid, parents must register on-line using the link below. It is quick, confidential and benefits your child and other children in the school enormously.

Find out more here

Those children registered for Free School Meal (Pupil Premium) can also claim financial support from the school for trips, uniform and other activities.

Please, please take a few moments and see if you can register your child to help our school community, and Miss Rawden in our office can assist you in confidence.